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Monday, January 7, 2013

After 17 years Baltimore gets its last Squirrel from Sweet Baby Ray.

Few characters in the history of the NFL have been quite as hated, then beloved, yet always feared as Sweet Baby Ray Lewis.  In his 17 seasons he was the only defensive player in the league who could say "Son, I may have actually killed two men." 

While Ray-Ray has been hurt for the majority of this season and has been nicked up a lot over the last few seasons very few players at his position have played at as high a level for so long.  A ferocious hitter, exceptional dancer, pastor, gladiator, inmate, the living personification of all things that are the U, baby daddy, legend, Super Bowl champion, Defensive MVP, and sure fire first ballot hall of famer.  All of these things are what makes Ray Lewis the greatest defensive player of our generation.  Since I generally hate the NFL I have decided that I will officially be a fan of the Ravens from now until the end of this season........do for Ray boys.

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  1. When asked about taking a position at ESPN, he replied, "I'll take a stab at it."