Da' Dream Makin' Cold Blooded Sausage


Tuesday, January 1, 2013



  1. Guys - you being called out by The Dawgbone.....home of the pop-up porn advertisements.

    1. What? Mind giving a link, cause I'd rather not venture over to some glorified RSS feed uploaded by Filipino convicts.

  2. January 1 Dawgbone exclusive - dawgmeister dawgie-style awards!!!

    1. somebody apparently has failed to remove the stick from their ass. Thanks anon.

      Our response, mdwm.

    2. So let's see, someone who fails to use their own name, calls us out for not putting our own name on something? Has he ever heard of the words "hypocrite douche"?

      Some self indulgent crap calls a glorified RSS feed the "best blog", and praises Michael Carvell? Yeah, those are something to be taking as other than a giant joke.

      But you can't stop queefs from queefing.

  3. Kinda quiet in here...... time to take this down and be absorbed by the Borg?
    "The Coveted Dawgmeister WA IE for the Best Internet Site for Dawg Fanatics
    goes to The Dawgbone, host of the Dawgmeister’s Weekend Forecast (a winning formula for this
    award if I ever saw one) and a free source of all information that every good Dawg fan needs to
    know. The Dawgbone’s great work includes the decision not to provide links to Sports & Grits,
    self-described as “Banned by a Few for Content, Hated by Many for its Realness, Feared by
    More for its Truth, Respected by All for its Balls” in one of the most self-delusional comments
    ever made, by a guy too cowardly to trash everything in sight under his own name. Some balls
    there, numbnuts."
    "Say when."

    1. "one of the most self-delusional comments
      ever made, by a guy too cowardly to trash everything in sight under his own name."
      Kind of fits Dawgmeister pretty well doesn't it? Cause he sure didn't put his real name, Sir RIchard of Askisington, on there now did he.

    2. The name thing is just hilarious. A bunch of mouth breathing jackoffs want to know our name? Why, because you disagree with our opinion? But that makes us cowardly. I wonder how many would say the same to the Senator, or Tyler Dawgden, or ecdawg, or Huckleberry, or Paul Westerdawg, or Corbin, or Hoop Dawg, or that queef stain meister, or whatever group of anonymous people (besides Fain) that runs Dawgbone and fails to put their real name on it....
      Aside from the Lady Sportswriter, Ben Dukes, Kyle King, and Travis Fain, it seems like almost every other person that blogs about the Dawgs uses an alias. But reality never did sit well to our obsessed little bitches, now has it?