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Monday, January 7, 2013

Go Irish!

Yeah yeah, SEC pride and all that nonsense.  We'll have the Irish in 5%, maybe 10% of the same living rooms we go in to on recruiting trails.  Nick Saban and the Tide are in 50-75+% of those living rooms, flashing their already 2 national title rings to mamas and kids.  Do we really want them to have a third to show off?  I didn't think so.  Go Irish!


  1. I 100% disagree with this and feel at least a little ashamed of my Mexican co-author.

    Roll Tide!

    Roll SEC!

    7 in a row!

  2. While I find Mr. Sanchez's logic compelling, I can not pull for ND. I am reluctantly pulling for the SEC (bama). I did however watch the gator game until the end just to see them lose. Good times.