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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Manti Te'o Exposed.....Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down!

Uh.....yeah.....in the NFL they are all Eddie Lacy, son.  Have you considered Medical or Law School?

Be honest with yourself.....when you think of Notre Dame you basically just lump them in with the Big Ten.  Like all Big Ten teams Notre Dame has a dominant line-backer who is the most dominant force in all of football.  Remember......Andy Katzenmoyer (Ohio State), A.J. Hawk (Ohio State), Bobby "Barbie" Carpenter (Ohio State), Vernon Gholston (Ohio State), Paul Posluszny (Penn State), etc.?  Do you know what all of those guys have in common with Te'o and each other?  They are all OVERRATED, SOFT, SLOW, WEAK, and INFERIOR when placed against SEC players! 

Going into last night's game the consensus was that Te'o would be a top ten pick and would not fall past Buffalo.  This morning we have to wonder if taking Te'o in the second round is not a gamble.  Before the game last night draft experts all assumed Lacy would be the top RB but many wondered if he could creep above the mid-second round.  This morning you have to assume that the Steelers are probably zeroing in on him with their first round pick. 

After SEVEN (7) consecutive National Titles one has to seriously ask:

In the Oscar worthy film Conan the Barbarian, Conan is asked what is best in life and he gives the only answer a Cold Blooded Sausage Maker could give.  In Conan we also learn the "secret of steel" which is that it must be tempered or it will break.  Football players are the same.......if they are tempered in the fire of the SEC they will be strong.....if they are untempered they will break.  Manti Te'o did not just break last night.......he got shattered. 

If an Alabama O-linemen were to lay hands on Te'o last night then Te'o was out of the play.  Let me let you in on a secret....all the guards and all the centers in the NFL are Barrett Jones and Chance Warmack.  If you can't beat them in the biggest game of your life then you will not beat the savvy veterans of the NFL.  Te'o could not tackle Lacy last night, guess what, all the RBs in the NFL are Eddie Lacy.  You saw Manti Te'o play the closest thing to the NFL last night (and mind you Bama is not even close to the worst NFL team) and he got OWNED. 

Georgia's Alec Ogletree now has to be the top rated Inside Linebacker going into the draft.  However, Tree was not know as a recruit outside of the South.  Te'o was known nationwide and everyone wanted him.  So was Tree so much better than Te'o coming out of high school?  No, Te'o was much better and any SEC team would have taken Te'o in a heartbeat.  So what is the difference?  Simple....Tree has been tempered and Te'o has not.  SEC players practice against as many as 30 future NFL players everyday, they play 8 games a year against teams that have 15 to 30 future NFL players on their sideline, and that level of competition is what separates the SEC.  A player in the SEC will face more future NFL talent in their first two conference games than a player in another conference will face all season. 

You want to go be a big man on campus then Ohio State, Notre Dame, Penn State, Texas, Oklahoma, USC, Oregon, and all the teams that can't win the National Title game would like to talk with you.  If you are an elite recruit and you want to get to the NFL and win championships......well you only have one conference to consider.


  1. Ahem...
    the "Riddle (not secret) of Steel" is:

    "Steel isn't strong, boy. FLESH is stronger. The strength and power of flesh. What is steel compared to arm that wields it?" - Thulsa Doom

    And yes, Conan the Barbarian is truly Oscar-worthy (the Destroyer sucked balls, tho Grace Jones had some good advice about how to hook-up), along with Red Dawn (the original, obviously).

    Go Dawgs.

    1. May I shower you with praise for your Thulsa Doom quote.

      Word on the skreet is that Arnold is getting all Roided up to reprise his role only now as King Conan.

  2. Ugh... I heard the same...
    Despite my disappointment being virtually guaranteed, I will, of course, go see it, followed by a round of contemplation upon the Tree of Woe.

    Keep up the good work!