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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Prepare for the onslaught of Buckeyes and Ducks

Now that Alabama demolished the Irish showing just how superior football is in the SEC, don't expect ESPN and everyone else to just roll over and accept that superiority.  They won't care about the bevy of talent coming back on Georgia's offense, or Alabama's machine in process, or the loads of talent Florida returns across the board, or Doo Doo Clowney's ability to take over a game, or Manziel's ability to take over a game, or LSU's never ending line of Bayou beasts.  Even though next year's national champion likely comes from one of those 6 teams.

Nope, what we will hear about all spring, summer, and fall until the next pantsing of a patsy is how great Oregon is with all their speed (never mind that it curls in to a corner crying against a solid DL that can hit them in the mouth, and in the backfield).  We'll hear about Braxton Miller, and the return to dominance of Ohio St and the Big Ten, led by Urban Meyer and a narrative of taking "SEC tactics with Big Ten beef".  Once a handful of guys like Fluker and Lacy take off, you'll hear about how Alabama couldn't possibly reload again (wrong), how Georgia has no defense, how South Carolina is still South Carolina, and LSU lost too much to the draft.  You'll see the Buckeyes as preseason #1, with Oregon #2.  And if Stanford, or someone else doesn't knock them off, you just may well see them go undefeated, and get gifted a national championship without having to play the best of the best from an SEC pressure cooker continuously creating diamonds.  It'll be wrong, and the best team in the country might get screwed over.  But let the baby have their bottle.  Once the playoffs start, no one but the SEC will win a crown until the conference begins to slack off (which considering the football obsessed schools, may be a while).

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