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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tonight Only: Demolition Derby at Stegeman Coliseum, Tonight Only

Tonight, Florida comes calling to play the Hoop Dawgs at 8.  The game will be televised on your SEC Network affiliate, but if you can make it down, it'd be great to fill Stegeman with red and black clad fans.  Attendance has been woeful, but Florida (along with Tennessee and Kentucky) always packs the house.  There will be a lot of blue and the world's ugliest color in the stands tonight, so we need as many Dawgs as possible to balance them out.  It won't be pretty, because they are much better at basketball than we are right now, but let's not add insult to injury with Gators outnumbering us in our own house.


  1. although I was able to watch it on ocho 8, it was ugly. there should be no way this coach is till with us at the end of the season. He may be a nice guy but this is not working


    1. It's not pretty, and obvious some significant change is in order.