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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ugliest. Basketball. Game. Ever.

As once used to describe Moe Szyzlak, this isn't TV ugly.  It's ugly ugly.

Our recruiting issues have popped up time and again, with one NBA caliber player, and a bunch of guys who are role players at best in the SEC, and will possibly struggle to make a roster in a South American league as pros.

We have somehow hired Dennis Felton back, with worse recruiting but a much better personality and PR skills.  Seriously, Felton signed Mike Mercer, Billy Humphrey, Louis Williams, Channing Toney, Sundiata Gaines, Levi Stukes, Terrance Woodbury, Dave Bliss, Takais Brown, Trey Thompkins, and Travis Leslie, among others.  If Fox had that level of recruiting, we'd be a potential 20 win team with the utter ineptitude of most teams in the conference.

Maybe Fox stays, maybe McGarity pulls the trigger at the end of the year (at which point, I'd pray for Shaka Smart or Buzz Williams).  But something has to change, and soon, and it starts on the recruiting trails.  Recruiting won't solve everything, as Auburn and Alabama both show thanks to great recruiters with horrible in game coaching running their programs.  You've got to have a staff that can do both, but with so much talent in our backyard, to be this horrific at the basic fundamentals is just inexcusable.

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