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Friday, February 8, 2013

CHECKMATE, SON! Harvey Updyke 1 - Auburn 0

Guess what Auburn.........................we hope you like that NT you bought won a couple of years back.  We hope it was worth it.  Maybe you can go a plant it at Toomer's Corner and have Cam come by and piss on to see if it will grow.  You are going to have to put something there because:
YO' TREES IS DEAD, SON!  The final rolling of the trees is just around the corner

Victory is mine......thus saith The Updyke!

So who is the biggest loser in this (and by this I mean the greatest non-football/football story in the history of the SEC)?  Every single fan of the SEC that is who!  You see the law caught Harvey before he could enact his master plan.  However, we here at S&G did a little Dadeville Dumpster Diving and now without further delay..............here is the:
HARVEY UPDYKE PLAN FOR TOTAL BAMMEROID DOMINATION AND DESTRUCTION OF SEC TRADITIONS.  In original Updykian script and translated into the educated tongue

Step 1: Poisin them thare cheaters trees   -- 
Translation:  Eliminate the most sacred tradition in Auburn, rolling the trees at Toomer's Corner.

Step 2: Faggin up them thare Hillbillie's water  -- 
Translation:  Pour fluoride into the water supplies all over Tennessee thus giving them healthier teeth and eliminating the most sacred tradition at Tannercee, having the great toothless fanbase.


  1. Alright, as a loyal dawg fan I would like to make a proposal on Auburns behalf. They should erect a statue of their coaching god Pat Dye at Toomers Corner and roll that with TP after they win. Hell Im sure after we kick there ass at AU this year, Dawg fans would pitch in and roll it for them!!!!!!!!!!! Is Pat "Man enough" to handle a good rolling? I say so! LOL GO DAWGS!!!!!

  2. Many aubies would love to see your post, because it contains both "Pat Dye" and "Erect".