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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Post signing day thoughts

Missing out on Laremy Tunsil hurts, but thems the breaks sometimes.  Plus, with every starter and backup returning on the OL, a LT isn't that big of a need.  Get Devondre Seymour qualified, either this year or next, and the loss may not even be felt.  RB needed another body in the mix, and missing on Kamara, among others might hurt more than missing Tunsil.  How Alabama convinced Kamara, Henry, and Tyren Jones to join the mix with Tenpenny and the redshirting Kenyan Drake to backup TJ Yeldon is beyond me. But if they want to fight to not get cut loose by Saban in a year or two, again, thems the breaks.

Losing on DL hurts more, and that's where the misses on Kelsey Griffin, and others, in addition to the signing day decision of Montravius Adams hurts most.  Because aside from the DL and RB, we landed a magnificent haul.

We got our QB of the future in Ramsey.  Landed two strong rushers in Turman and Douglas.  Got a bevy of extremely talented playmakers at WR.  A decent TE, and 4 solid OL (gotta sign 4 or more every class, and we did it).  We needed to replenish depth at S, CB, and LB, and did that in a big way.  There are several potential stars at those three spots, some already on campus putting in work.  One more rusher would have been great, and another big body to compete for time on the DL.  But this is a helluva class, and don't let ESPN, Fudgie the Whale with the AJC, or any rivals/scout message board Chicken Little fool you into thinking otherwise.  It could have been better, but EVERY team in the country can point to a handful of high profile misses.  Point blank, Georgia addressed it's biggest needs, with big time talent, and finally started to get the numbers back to full strength.


  1. Mr. Sanchez - nice site. I stalked errr found it from Dawg Sports.

    Best position group is the linebackers worth FB's coming a close 2nd.

    Not sure there a worse position group.


    1. With DB's...


    2. Thanks Chester. I appreciate your patronage.

      And the LB and DB groups are tremendous, as are the WRs. I like landing at least 4 quality OL, something I hope we make a habit of going forward.