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Friday, February 8, 2013

Preparing for a Post-Grantham Athens

Even if Grantham does not get the Saints job it is apparent at this point that he will (this year or next) return to the NFL.  No one can begrudge him that because he stepped in at Athens in the wake of the Willie Football AIDS fiasco and gave us what we needed.  In return we have given him what he needed, a chance to rehab the bum deal he got as DC in Cleveland.

Regardless of when this happens CMR has taken appropriate steps to ensure life after Grantham will be just fine.  Consider these undisputed facts:

a) Rodney Gardner is gone,

b) we need to replace our "tough-guy" coach,

c) we need to stop Eddie Lacy because I think he just ripped us for another 15 yard gain as I was writing this,

d) we need a name...............no more on the job the training for coordinators,

e) Willie "Football AIDS" Martinez has a job up in Knockersville so he can't possibly be hired to coach the secondary.

All of this means that if we enter into a post-Grantham world there is only one man we can bring in..............
or BRING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right, Jack! I'm talkin' bout da return of
Oh, you can act disgusted all you want but you know that the thought BVG back in the saddle gives you a little football based chubbage.  Here are few BVG myths I would like to dismiss:

i) His time at Georgia Southern-  That was a HC gig and bottom line is the BVG ain't no HC he is a DC,
ii) His time at Jacksonville-  He was the LB coach there and a big part of why Mike Smith got the ATL HC gig,
iii) His time at Atlanta- Well I guess you have a point there............I mean how could anyone fail with all that talent?  Atlanta easily had the 31st most talented defense in the NFL while BVG was there.  I mean honestly.......he had two good players in Robinson and Abraham and then a whole bunch of guys that would easily be considered elite in any minor league arena conference,
iv) His time at Auburn- uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
yeah.......this was going on at Auburn while BVG was there sooooooooo......not BVGs fault.
Finally, BVG ABY.  What does that mean? 


And as we all know:


  1. The flip mullet and 'stache does it for me.


  2. I have to say.....I hope this doesnt happen. I met that man one time, and it was all I could do not to try and knock him out. He is the biggest douche, asshole coach UGA has ever had. Garner, and others included. I dont think it would happen anyway, word was during the years they did the coaches cruise, Mrs. Richt could not stand him, and said that he brought a negative light on all UGA coaches. Keep in mind she said that while Bobo was drinking himself silly.