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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The silence from Columbia is defeaning

Last year, schedule schedule schedule was the cry from Steve Spurrier and his followers. It's not fair, they are just out to get us, they don't want us crashing the party, JUST LOOK AT THE SCHEDULE! Meanwhile, people with sense laughed, and said this crap is cyclical, you'll get an easy slate soon enough, and you've just been such crap in the past you never noticed it before. Fast forward a short couple months, and why isn't Spurrier crying about the schedule anymore? No theories on how fair it would be to just use SEC East results to determine the SEC East Champ when they go to Athens instead of hosting the Dawgs? I guess ol' Steven was full of shii when he started spouting his nonsense last summer. For the record, the Gamecocks slate for 2013 sets up quite nicely, especially compared to a Georgia team that travels to Clemson before facing the Chicken Penii, then hosts LSU and travels to an improved Auburn instead of facing the dumpster fire that fogs Fayetteville. South Carolina gets their usual Thursday night spotlight in the season opener when they host North Carolina. That gives them a few extra days to prepare, and heal, and to all watch Georgia on Saturday, before making the trip to Athens in week 2. They get Mississippi St, [off week] then Florida, Coastal Carolina and Clemson all in Williams-Brice in November. Their road trips, aside from the Dawgs? Orlando for Central Florida, and a 3 game stretch in October @ Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri. When they fail to win the East, again, what do you think the excuse will be this time?


  1. It is a good schedule for us this year. As far as our excuses there is always the "chicken curse". Clemson should be push overs for UGA we beat them with a 3rd string tailback and and the 2nd string QB. Clemson will probably do some gay shit like change into purple jerseys and pants to intimidate you. I can't wait until after we beat UGA at home so you guys can get back to doing what you do best and starting the "fire Richt" talk.

    1. I'm not that worried about Clemson. It should be a shootout between Boyd and Murray, but if we can't handle them, South Carolina will be a sure loss. I'm not sure what to think of the Gamecocks either. They have some good pieces, but lose Lattimore and Sanders, and the C Johnson, among others. Just what kind of offense will Shaw be leading? I don't know where the points are going to come from, although Spurrier will find a way. The big problem with South Carolina is of course, #7. He can win a game on his own, and no one in college football will be able to handle him 1 on 1, and he'll probably be able to whip most double teams too.

    2. I agree South Carolina has a lot of questions to answer. Will Shaw be the starter? Some of the fan base thinks Dylan Thompson is the the best QB. The biggest questions are going to be on Defense. both staring LBs graduate, along with the "Spur LB" and the emotional leader at Safety, Swearinger. Clowney is a force unlike any other but with another weak secondary and inexperienced LBs I don't know if the Gamecocks can stop a running game like UGA's.