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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

They say a struck dog will yelp

Now, when directly accused of cheating, one can understand Hugh Freeze defending himself with his twitter post. We will say the man did cut his teeth as a long time coach in Memphis high school football, which will teach you a trick or three. But Chad Bumphis says something none specific, and it's kind of funny Ole Miss is the one howling.  We're sure all these big time recruits are just in love with the beauty and atmosphere of Oxford, Mississippi.


  1. Yeah, couldn't POSSIBLY be due to the fact that Chris Jones has received death threats from FailState fans: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/ncaaf-dr-saturday/state-recruit-chris-jones-receives-death-threats-chooses-184523545--ncaaf.html Or that Treadwell's best friend from Crete plays at Ole Miss, or that Robert Nkemdiche's brother plays at Ole Miss, or that many he met at camp are just following the trend, nope! Has to be the money. Afterall, a black kid holding 300 bucks can't be right! What gives Treadwell the nerve to have 300 bucks? Loosen up the tinfoil, Sanchez.

    1. Thanks for proving the point Kev. Struck dog will cry.