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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Blind Squirrel Find Nut.....24/7 Loses All Credability.

"Finawee.......W-E-S-P-E-C-T finding owets when it meaned to I!"

Well....well....well.  It would appear that like so many publications before it 24/7 has jumped the proverbial shark and pissed away all of its credibility.  He Whom Wield The Crayola is your 27/7 OC of the year!  I expect the Bleacher Report to follow suit and name Bobo offensive god of the millennium and then back that up with a picture of each knee that was blown out this season.  Only this staff could disappoint at such a high level for so many years and still get awards.  I assume that 24/7 simply failed to watch any tape of Auburn playing this season.  I understand Chad Morris not getting the love on account of his best game came against the walking talking sack of used tampons that is Todd Grantham.  However.......Auburn........I mean.....they scored 800,000 points in the last month of the season. 

When asked about how he felt I Has was happy to elaborate:

"De Uniecorn!   Dat are who me credicated dis awardeez in."

Ah yes.....the magical, mystical and much ballyhooed Unicorn formation:
You can not stop it....you can only hope to contain it!
You know how I know that I am still 1000% right and 24/7 is 1000000% wrong.......Bobo got NO job offers.....NONE!  FYI if Texas doesn't even talk to Richt then our entire website since the Colorado game will be confirmed.  UGA is too cheap to keep a great coach so when you have a tenure this long in this day and age it is because we are the only people that want them.


  1. I check your blog from time to time because frankly the ludicrous diarrhea you spew all over this is somewhat entertaining. It can also be fun to imagine what kind of pathetic life this all knowing, keyboard master, CCRider must lead. I know I shouldn't feed the crazies, but I can't sleep and just couldn't resist. Now I'm far from a Bobo or Richt apologist. I graduated from Georgia, and would trade just about anything to see this team win a national championship. I don't call for Richt's head, but I see the same problems you do, so don't call me a "disney dawg".
    My question to you sir, is this: what more do you want out of Bobo? Last year was the most prolific offense, statistically, in the history of Georgia football. This year's offense scored more points than last year's in spite of all the injuries. This is one of the best offenses in the country, dude. And you can't stand it. Without looking up the exact number, I think the offense averaged something like 38 ppg...what more do you want out of Bobo?
    I get that you hate every coach on staff. But they're not goin anywhere brotha. And I don't think the 14 people that read your blog everyday are gonna change that.

    1. Thanks for the patronage.

      And not to speak for CC, but I'd like an offense that has a LT (something we've failed at for over 5 years now, and an OL that has routinely been a problem almost since the day Richt arrived without being fixed). An offense that can eat up clock when need be, and has fewer 3 and outs which add to our defensive issues. Bobo has improved, and he's not the liability that he was 5 years ago. But this best in the country is an absolute joke imo.

      But to be honest, my beef is no longer with Richt. It's above his head, and with a penny pinching Athletic Association that values profits and a fat reserve fund over helping our programs be the best they can possibly be.

  2. I apologize for being so brash last night. I should have been sleeping. I completely understand your frustrations, and I'm sure I share many of the same. I don't think that Bobo is THE best offensive coordinator in the country, but I would put him in the top 10. Now, one could argue that it's just a product of all the talent he's got, but he (or Brian McClendon) got the talent there and someone's done a decent job of devolping it. And I do believe that without the injuries, the offense could have overcome the piss poor defense. Either way, I completely disagree that Bobo is the idiot that this post and many others have made him out to be. You don't score 38 ppg by accident.

    To your specific point, they did a pretty good job chewing up the clock against USCe and Florida. That's all I was trying to say man, if you guys are gonna bash everyone as hard as you do, it's your site, but I don't think it would be a bad idea to give some credit when it's due.

  3. Obviously, the OL has had its struggles, and has been downright bad at times. And I understand that falls in the laps or Richt,Bobo, and Friend. But shouldn't Bobo get a little credit for doing a pretty good job of scheming around that weakness?

    1. BOBO HAS AN IPAD!!!!!!!! This can be unsettling to some and cause problems. These are well know.

  4. A big part of coming to this site is understanding that it is a humor/opinion blog. I did a story right after the LSU game that did give Bobo credit...but no one comments when we do give credit.

    My problem with Bobo is not so much now as it is the fact that we decided to give him on the job training at an SEC program. Also, if Bobo was that good other programs would be sniffing around but they are not.

    We also fully understand that the University is not 100% sold out to the football program and that in turn hinders the coaching staff. If you read our story on how Coach T got the gig as S&C coach we hint at this point. However, if you want us to set up a love in because some other website lost its game tape of Auburn this year it ain't gonna happen. We will spread the love around when we have a NT!

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-pFAFsTFTI