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Thursday, February 28, 2013

What will we need in the 2014 class?

True, signing day is less than a month past, but recruiting never ends. And we already have commitments from a WR (Krenwick Sanders), RB (Stanley Williams) and DB (Nick Glass). So what should Georgia be targetting in a likely small class come 2014? We go position by position below.

QB- 1 - We return Mason, Lemay, Bauta, and Ramsey here.  You always want to keep 1 in every class for depth, and if Brice Ramsey wins the job next spring, we might need to load up in 2015 should Lemay transfer.  But adding 1 here should be more than enough to keep the depth chart strong.

TB- 2 - Gurshall will be rising juniors, with promising incoming players Turman and Douglas behind them.  But you need better depth than 4, and expecting Todd Gurley to leave after his junior season, if not both Gurley and Marshall, isn't a stretch.  So we'll need to sign at least two solid rushers here to keep the depth chart strong going forward.  We've already got a scat back type in Williams, and if he stays true, that should provide the speedy, Marshall-type, option, with the need for a bigger and more physical compliment to join him.

FB- 1 or none - We may be able to fill the spot with walk-ons, as has been very successful under Richt with current FB Merrit Hall, as well as guys like JT Wall and Jeremy Thomas in the past.  Adding one to work in with Hall and Quayvon Hicks would be nice, or if a current walk-on or 2 look like they can fill the job should need be, we can save this spot for elsewhere.

TE- 2 - Arthur Lynch will graduate, leaving behind Rome, Flourney-Smith, and Davis.  Flourney-Smith's recent legal issues shouldn't be too much, so hopefully he overcomes them and gets back on track.  But just 3 isn't enough.  They'll all have at least two years of eligibility left, so we might be able to get away with signing just 1 kid here.  But Georgia has no shortage of 6'3+, 235+ athletes around them, and with the increasing prominence of using TEs in an offense and the threats they provide, adding a strong pair here would be a good idea moving forward.

WR- 1-2 - This isn't quite the need it'll be in 2015.  We'll want to add one or two, to keep the depth chart solid moving forward, but the need just won't be that strong in 2014.  We already have Sanders on board, so one more to join him would be fine, especially if we can land an elite guy.  But with 2014 seniors Rumph, Mitchell, Conley, and Bennett (assuming Malcolm Mitchell doesn't have a big year and go pro), joined by a bevy of talented kids in the last two signing classes, the need isn't strong here.  Expect us to need to load up in 2015 at WR though.

OT- 2? -This spot is a bit of a mystery.  John Theus will be returning for his junior season, as will Mark Beard (who can also play G).  But does Devondre Seymour qualify?  Or if not, does he come back after a year at prep school, or have to spend 2 in JUCO?  Are Xzavier Ward and Zach Debell still fighting for playing time?  Is Aulden Bynum at T or G?  Does Kolton Houston ever get out of NCAA purgatory?  These are questions no one can answer right now.  You'd want at least 2, because you need to continually keep the OL depth strong, and sign 4 OL in every class.  But we could be OK with just 2, or if some of those questions have bad answers, be targetting 3 or 4 OT in the 2014 class.

C/G- 2-3? - Just like above, this is a big question mark.  We'll lose starters Burnette, Lee, and Gates.  But is Beard or Bynum helping here?  How does Kublanow and Cardiello look?  Is Houston able to play, and is so, is he at G or T?  Does John Atkins stick on the DL, or shift to the OL?  Just a bunch of unaswerable questions here again.  Judging by the depth, we'll need at least 2 interior OL, if not 3 or 4.  Likely at least 3, just to keep numbers strong.  With guys graduating or nearing graduation, having a strong, and large, OL class is right there with adding an elite rusher as the primary needs for offensive recruiting in 2014.

DL- 3+ - We'll return some strong players, but they'll be nearing graduation and we'll need to solidify depth here. With the last class loading up at LB and DB, this is the biggest need to be filled on the defensive side of the ball.  Expect a lineman heavy class in 2014.

OLB- 1 or 2 - Depending on how some of the kids step up, this is a spot where keeping depth strong is a good idea, especially if Jordan Jenkins blows up and is looking like a potential NFL early entrant after his junior season.  But the need for instant impact is likely minimal provided Jenkins, as well as guys like Josh Dawson, Leonard Floyd, and Davin Bellamy are looking as advertised.

ILB- 1 or 2 - Same as OLB.  We've just added a strong class here, so the need isn't huge, and the need for instant impact players minimal so long as the freshman play like they're capable.  Where Josh Harvey-Clemons plays impacts these numbers a bit, but while you always want to keep strong options at LB under, we'll have rising seniors in Herrera and Wilson, as well as the freshman Carter, O'Neal, Rankin, and Kimbrough.  A 3 man LB class should be good enough, especially if we can land a future star like Raekwon McMillan in the group.

CB- 1 or 2 - Second verse, same as the first here.  Just like LB, we've loaded up in the last class, making the need somewhat minimal here.  If Damien Swann has a season strong enough to consider going pro, the need increases.  But we'd still have Devin Bowman and Sheldon Dawson, to go with incoming guys Wiggins, Langley, Green, and Wilkerson, as well as JUCO Kennar Johnson who could end up at CB or S.  You'll want to sign at least 1, to keep the depth chart full in case someone leaves prematurely, or if JJ Green shows too much ball skills not to play offense full time.  But the need isn't that strong, provided everyone pans out as expected and if Swann returns for his senior season.

S- 1 or 2 - Third verse, same as the first.  We'll bring back Moore, Fluker, Matthews, Mauger, Bostick, Deas, and maybe Kennar Johnson.  Fluker, Deas, and Johnson will be rising seniors, so you'll want to sign at least 1 to keep the depth chart solid and to keep 2015 from being a huge need like 2013 was here.  But if we bring in Nick Glass, that could be more than enough talent to keep the spot as strong as we've grown accustomed to with Jermaine Phillips, Sean Jones, Thomas Davis, Greg Blue, Tra Battle, Rambo and Williams and the other stars Richt has had here.  We may have some guys leave prematurely, but otherwise, we should be able to get by with a minimal DB class of say 3 guys.

K/P/Sn- 0 - Collin Barber, Marshall Morgan, and Nathan Theus will all have mulitple years of eligibility left at these spots, so there's no need to look for anything more than walk-ons to work in here for at least another year or two.

Summary - Don't expect a big class, maybe 15, 20 at most but probably less than that.  We need lineman in a big way, so it likely won't be highly rated either.  We've got a nice start with Glass, Williams, and Sanders, and there is a ton elite talent already getting attention.  Thanks to last year's monster crew, we can focus on just a couple at select spots, and target the truly elite talents to fill those few needs.  A class somewhat similar to the 2012 crew is the likely haul in my uneducated opinion.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The silence from Columbia is defeaning

Last year, schedule schedule schedule was the cry from Steve Spurrier and his followers. It's not fair, they are just out to get us, they don't want us crashing the party, JUST LOOK AT THE SCHEDULE! Meanwhile, people with sense laughed, and said this crap is cyclical, you'll get an easy slate soon enough, and you've just been such crap in the past you never noticed it before. Fast forward a short couple months, and why isn't Spurrier crying about the schedule anymore? No theories on how fair it would be to just use SEC East results to determine the SEC East Champ when they go to Athens instead of hosting the Dawgs? I guess ol' Steven was full of shii when he started spouting his nonsense last summer. For the record, the Gamecocks slate for 2013 sets up quite nicely, especially compared to a Georgia team that travels to Clemson before facing the Chicken Penii, then hosts LSU and travels to an improved Auburn instead of facing the dumpster fire that fogs Fayetteville. South Carolina gets their usual Thursday night spotlight in the season opener when they host North Carolina. That gives them a few extra days to prepare, and heal, and to all watch Georgia on Saturday, before making the trip to Athens in week 2. They get Mississippi St, [off week] then Florida, Coastal Carolina and Clemson all in Williams-Brice in November. Their road trips, aside from the Dawgs? Orlando for Central Florida, and a 3 game stretch in October @ Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri. When they fail to win the East, again, what do you think the excuse will be this time?

Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm hypnotized by the jiggling

CC is our resident expert on the meat market that is loving men in tight shorts, but I thought I'd share this amazing video of the beauty of 40 running, found at SBNation.  It's glorious, and I just can't look away.

Friday, February 8, 2013

CHECKMATE, SON! Harvey Updyke 1 - Auburn 0

Guess what Auburn.........................we hope you like that NT you bought won a couple of years back.  We hope it was worth it.  Maybe you can go a plant it at Toomer's Corner and have Cam come by and piss on to see if it will grow.  You are going to have to put something there because:
YO' TREES IS DEAD, SON!  The final rolling of the trees is just around the corner

Victory is mine......thus saith The Updyke!

So who is the biggest loser in this (and by this I mean the greatest non-football/football story in the history of the SEC)?  Every single fan of the SEC that is who!  You see the law caught Harvey before he could enact his master plan.  However, we here at S&G did a little Dadeville Dumpster Diving and now without further delay..............here is the:
HARVEY UPDYKE PLAN FOR TOTAL BAMMEROID DOMINATION AND DESTRUCTION OF SEC TRADITIONS.  In original Updykian script and translated into the educated tongue

Step 1: Poisin them thare cheaters trees   -- 
Translation:  Eliminate the most sacred tradition in Auburn, rolling the trees at Toomer's Corner.

Step 2: Faggin up them thare Hillbillie's water  -- 
Translation:  Pour fluoride into the water supplies all over Tennessee thus giving them healthier teeth and eliminating the most sacred tradition at Tannercee, having the great toothless fanbase.

Preparing for a Post-Grantham Athens

Even if Grantham does not get the Saints job it is apparent at this point that he will (this year or next) return to the NFL.  No one can begrudge him that because he stepped in at Athens in the wake of the Willie Football AIDS fiasco and gave us what we needed.  In return we have given him what he needed, a chance to rehab the bum deal he got as DC in Cleveland.

Regardless of when this happens CMR has taken appropriate steps to ensure life after Grantham will be just fine.  Consider these undisputed facts:

a) Rodney Gardner is gone,

b) we need to replace our "tough-guy" coach,

c) we need to stop Eddie Lacy because I think he just ripped us for another 15 yard gain as I was writing this,

d) we need a name...............no more on the job the training for coordinators,

e) Willie "Football AIDS" Martinez has a job up in Knockersville so he can't possibly be hired to coach the secondary.

All of this means that if we enter into a post-Grantham world there is only one man we can bring in..............
or BRING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right, Jack! I'm talkin' bout da return of
Oh, you can act disgusted all you want but you know that the thought BVG back in the saddle gives you a little football based chubbage.  Here are few BVG myths I would like to dismiss:

i) His time at Georgia Southern-  That was a HC gig and bottom line is the BVG ain't no HC he is a DC,
ii) His time at Jacksonville-  He was the LB coach there and a big part of why Mike Smith got the ATL HC gig,
iii) His time at Atlanta- Well I guess you have a point there............I mean how could anyone fail with all that talent?  Atlanta easily had the 31st most talented defense in the NFL while BVG was there.  I mean honestly.......he had two good players in Robinson and Abraham and then a whole bunch of guys that would easily be considered elite in any minor league arena conference,
iv) His time at Auburn- uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
yeah.......this was going on at Auburn while BVG was there sooooooooo......not BVGs fault.
Finally, BVG ABY.  What does that mean? 


And as we all know:

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Post signing day thoughts

Missing out on Laremy Tunsil hurts, but thems the breaks sometimes.  Plus, with every starter and backup returning on the OL, a LT isn't that big of a need.  Get Devondre Seymour qualified, either this year or next, and the loss may not even be felt.  RB needed another body in the mix, and missing on Kamara, among others might hurt more than missing Tunsil.  How Alabama convinced Kamara, Henry, and Tyren Jones to join the mix with Tenpenny and the redshirting Kenyan Drake to backup TJ Yeldon is beyond me. But if they want to fight to not get cut loose by Saban in a year or two, again, thems the breaks.

Losing on DL hurts more, and that's where the misses on Kelsey Griffin, and others, in addition to the signing day decision of Montravius Adams hurts most.  Because aside from the DL and RB, we landed a magnificent haul.

We got our QB of the future in Ramsey.  Landed two strong rushers in Turman and Douglas.  Got a bevy of extremely talented playmakers at WR.  A decent TE, and 4 solid OL (gotta sign 4 or more every class, and we did it).  We needed to replenish depth at S, CB, and LB, and did that in a big way.  There are several potential stars at those three spots, some already on campus putting in work.  One more rusher would have been great, and another big body to compete for time on the DL.  But this is a helluva class, and don't let ESPN, Fudgie the Whale with the AJC, or any rivals/scout message board Chicken Little fool you into thinking otherwise.  It could have been better, but EVERY team in the country can point to a handful of high profile misses.  Point blank, Georgia addressed it's biggest needs, with big time talent, and finally started to get the numbers back to full strength.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is the best player in the SEC

and probably the best player I've ever watched for Georgia.  If the NBA draft projections of him going in the 20s are right, at least 19 teams are going to make a huge mistake, and someone good will get even better with that steal.  Un. real.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Night Before Signing Day

Twas the night before Signing Day, when all through Butts-Mehre
Not a creature was stirring, except Daryl Jones and his peers.
The fax machines were well stocked, paper loaded with care,
In hopes that all the 5 stars soon would be there.
Chuck was nestled all snug in his bed,
While visions of great linemen danced in his head.
Macon roasting his pig, and Dave preparing his crockpot,
While Richt made his phone calls to fill the last spot.
When out of Oxford there arose such a clatter,
A well placed pause surely wasn't the matter.
Away to home of that big time recruit,
Went McClendon, Bobo, and Lily, each in their finest track suit
The moon gently rose, to kick off that February night
With less than 7 months to go before Kyle's beloved Dawg and Cat fight.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But man 6'6, 300, as nimble as a deer.
But don't daudle, don't delay, Richt must be quick,
Or he might lose them all to the Saban called Nick.
More rapid than mopeds his kids swiftly came,
As grown men whistled, and shouted, and called them by name!
"Now Ramsey! now, Terry! now, Wiggins and Green!
On, Kublanow! On, Johnson! on Rankin and McGee!
To the top of the rankings! to that crystal ball!
Now lift and practice! Become Junkyard Dawgs y'all!"
As dry leaves of winter slowly become spring,
Soon becomes summer, then fall tailgaiting.
Our eyes will turn to Clemson on August 31st
As we sip bourbon and Coca-Cola to whet our football thirst.
But please keep in mind, when signing day dawns
That we're obsessing over children who just finished playing on our lawns.
Not that such a thing will diminish the cheer,
and happiness over stealing the best recruit away from Tech's veer.
From Seattle to Athens, and all points in between,
Tonight linebackers and left tackles will provide the dream.
And that new quarterback's spiral, best described as art in midflight,
Happy Signing Day to All, and to All a Good Night.

Ole Miss recruiting coordinator breaks in to cars like a high school kid

Hadn't seen this before.  I guess that explains why he can relate to high school kids, since he does some of the same nonsense kids do when in high school.  Yeah, Ole Miss is certainly on the straight and narrow, aren't they.

They say a struck dog will yelp

Now, when directly accused of cheating, one can understand Hugh Freeze defending himself with his twitter post. We will say the man did cut his teeth as a long time coach in Memphis high school football, which will teach you a trick or three. But Chad Bumphis says something none specific, and it's kind of funny Ole Miss is the one howling.  We're sure all these big time recruits are just in love with the beauty and atmosphere of Oxford, Mississippi.