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Friday, January 17, 2014

Breaking News: Bama Fans Concerned 'Noles Overtaking "Biggest Crybaby" Status

First, welcome Coach Pruitt, and what a fantastic hire.  Well done at long last UGA!    As we see how he assembles his staff, we'll have more takes on that as we go.

For now, while every Georgia fan, and fans of about 100+ schools would be happy with a National Championship, FSU fans went from "Yea Team" to throwing the coach that got them there right under the bus.   I've said this about assistant coaches for years (credit Mr Sanchez for getting me to watch 'The Wire'), having your coaches get hired away is "one of them good problems."   Except for Florida State, who has to have their ball and go home.   Wahhhhh!

But no, winning a Heisman and a Natty just isn't good enough. The Noles felt they were about to go on a dynasty run....insert claim they are also sending a million players to the NFL....how can you reload if you are also losing so many players...pick a side already, you idiots use opposite arguments at the same time, it's making my head spin and puke come out.  And rather than say "Thanks Coach" they had to throw him under the bus, slandering him, using the internet as a "source", making gifs of Coach Pruitt's head chopped off, because, hey, a Natty isn't good enough, we need all the trophy's!  And the utter hypocrisy of "Winston is clean as a whistle" followed by "Pruitt's dirty" right after his hire to UGA...just Bama level full on moron.    It concluded with the FSU Athletic Department announcing all slander crap bs was wrong and untrue.   I guess FSU failed the "I'm a French model on the internet" class.   

If UGA wins a NC - I don't care if the whole staff leaves.   Seriously.  Maybe an improvement in a few places.  When you route for a team like UGA that is ever so close, closer than almost anyone, without a NC since 1980, you learn not to take things for granted.   I would have thought well of FSU, but in today's "give me give me" 14 year level thinking college world, sitting back and having a nice cigar and bourbon isn't enough, you got to cry your coach sucks and then lie about the whole thing.  

So, FSU cry babies, screw you.   Oh, I meant thank you.  Thank you for the best coaching hire we've had since Erk Russell.  Get over yourselves.   Ever think maybe Athens, being close to family, and not being around Jimbo for a massive payraise are good reasons to move?  Jacklegs.  Enjoy your year, and shut your traps.  

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  1. I hate FSU...always have, always will. From free shoes university, Prime Time to gang banging rapist quarterbacks. So many GA fans will say to a man, "I love FSU as long as they aren't playing the Dawgs" - why? Cause our soft ass coach did a tour of duty in Tallahassee? Give me a break. F_ _ _ Tallahassee, FAMU and FSU!

    And by the way, what's wrong with chasing tail and throwing back a few budweisers? Makes me like Jeremy Pruitt even more!