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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Good Job Richt. Good Job McGarity. Great Job Sports & Grits!

Never let it be said that we do not give the Devil his due.  Mark Richt found the testicular fortitude to tell Grantham to look for another job.  Richt had the guts to target the top possible DC to replace Todd "Sack O' Used Tamponds".  Somehow and someway against all odds and we assume while fighting against an uncontrollable vomiting reflex.....McGarity reluctantly blew the dust off of and broke the seal on the Football Budget Ledger.  So good job boys!  You have done just enough to restore hope and possibly buy yourself one whole season off of the hot seat.

Now to where the real congratulations are due.  Congratulations CCRider, Mr. Sanchez, Chuck, and everyone who makes the most influential blog in the entire state of Georgia happen.  You may recall that long ago we were listed on a daily basis over at the Dawgbone.  It has been sometime since we were over there because their gate keeper was super jealous of all our hits while his craptastic blog was completely ignored (shocking because he is a former member of the media who does things like spell check).  Also, because we had "content detrimental to the program"!  In other words we were directly impacting recruiting.  Turns out that while we were impacting recruiting UGA signed its best class (in terms of stars) in the Richtian era.  Turns out that super competitive kids who play ball appreciate people like us who demand excellence.  So in the end if it were not for us holding the programs collective feet to the fire we wouldn't have half of the talent we currently have. 

In addition to controlling recruiting we also came along and:
a) Got rid of Willie "Football AIDS" Martinez, you're welcome
b) Got rid of Coach Moobs Van Halanger and his dreaded "mat drills", you're welcome
c) Forced Captain Crayola to get his act together, you're welcome
d) Got rid of Coach Lactose Intolerant, you're welcome
e) Got rid of Todd "Sack of Used Tamponds" Grantham, and you're welcome
f) Forced the University to actually pay for a real DC this time around. Uhhhhhh.....you're welcome

While these accomplishments should be heralded for the awe inspiring and majestic grandeur that they are we still have a long way to go.  We also owe each and every one of you an apology.  We got a little lazy over here.  We let things like work, kids and wives get in the way of our non stop haterations.  We can't help but feel a little responsible for the step backwards UGA took in 2013. 
With that apology out of the way we would like to make a promise to the entire Cold Blooded Nation:

NEVER AGAIN!  Never again shall we allow anything to stand in the way of the hate train.  We won't stop because we can't stop until Georgia wins a National Title!  Here is a list of our current goals:

a) Get a real S&C coach and program as opposed to having a homeless man who sleeps in the weight room,
b) Get a special teams coach,
c) Prevent any attempts at making a seamless transition from Richt to Boboz as HC,
d) Getting rid of Richt, and
e) Winning

So good job Richtie-poo!  We hate you and McGarity just a tad less today but we still hate you so hire a real S&C coach, special teams coach and quit fiddle farting around.


  1. Oh Ye, who claim understanding of the Riddle of Cold-Blooded Sausage.
    I bring ruthful tidings from the Dusty Nation and sayeth to thee, thus: the time for honoring thyneselfs' end is, indeed, nigh.

    Seriously, I've got some math here for ya'll...

    2011 saw 756 posts, but 2012 saw only 384 posts, a drop of roughly 49%.

    Then, in 2013, posts dropped to an abysmal 105. That is a YoY drop of 73%!

    Yet, even more worrisome is that the rate of decline is accelerating by roughly 50% per annum!!!

    So if we are bounded by ZERO and asymptotic by nature, we should see a drop of about 86.5% this year...

    Given only 105 posts in 2013, that means we should expect only 14 for 2014...

    Now, you may contemplate THIS on the Tree of Woe:
    you've posted 12 already this year... you've got 2 left...
    I suggest you make them count.

    .....That is all.

    1. except then we'd fall back to 2009 levels as a program, and is that really what we want?

    2. No... that would suck... honestly, I think my whole comment was just filler for a couple of Conan quotes cuz I don't really "know my numbers"...
      Something strange happens to me when I see pictures of Thulsa Doom... I start adding extra commas, tossing the predicate in the middle of sentences, replacing long i's with y's, adding -eth to verbs, wearing armored girdles and satiny robes, and generally making everyone around me uncomfortable... just the other day, I think I told my girlfriend something like "don't worry babe, someday, those sluts at the salon will all drown in lakes of blood"...
      But, that probably happens to a lot of people...

  2. DAWGS.me save the day and bring Pruit to the DawgNation.
    You vote, we report it to the AD. You can make a difference. Dawgs.me - My Dawgs, My Voice.®

    Grantham's failure to remind freshmen DAWG DBs to bat down an Auburn Hail Mary pass helped propel the Tigers into SEC and National Championship games.

    Coach Jeremy Pruitt led the nation's

    #1 defense to their first

    BCS title since 1999.

    Poll Question: Should UGA Defensive Coordinator Todd Grantham Return for the 2014 Season?

    23,986 Total Unique Responses (view)

    √ 69.9% Voted: No! After 4 years, it simply is not working.

    30.1% Voted: Yes! He did as well as anyone else could have (considering injuries and inexperienced players).

    Fans overwhelmingly voted for Grantham to step down. Your voice was heard!

  3. The 2014 recruiting class in terms of stars in the Richt era? Really? Lol. Not so fast........... Good solid class, but not the best one in the Richt era. The 2002 class had an average star rating of 3.62 as well, but with 29 recruits signed. The 2006 class averaged 3.64 stars with 28 signed. The 2008 class averaged 3.67 stars with 24 signed. Then there was the 2009 class that averaged 3.84 stars with only 19 signed. Now, if you went back and re-evaluated those classes based on what those classes did, it might look different when you compare it to the 2014 class; however, let's let these freshman get on campus and play a game first.