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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Richt-O-Philes Assemble!

Rome was not brought down in a day and neither will the Richtian regime at UGA.  Once again a number of programs that have as much if not more money than us and.....(this is key) who are actually willing to spend that money are out looking for a Head Coach.  Also, smaller schools that can't afford to keep their current HC are on the market and/or are soon to be on the market.  Finally, a large number of NFL teams are looking for a new defensive coordinator.  Now......follow me here because this is advanced stuff here........................If Richt were worth a crap as a coach then all of his "Do it the right way" and Bible thumping would have him in line for some of these jobs.  Have you heard his name linked to a single job?  If Bobo really was the OC of the year then wouldn't it stand to reason that some of these lesser schools would be on the phone with He who wields the Crayola (as to the Southern Miss rumor......hahahaha if Southern Miss offers an SEC OC the HC job they take it no questions asked.......why would you not take that job....simple....it was never offered to you)?  If Grantham were more valuable than a stinky old bag full of used tamponds at least one dysfunctional NFL franchise like the Jaguars or Raiders would have at the very least given him a call but they didn't.

You keep telling yourselves it was:
a) Bad luck,
b) Injuries,
c) The Taliban,
d) George W. Bush
e) All of the Above

That has UGA milling around as a mid level mediocre program while 2nd year, white trash, yankee teams go and represent the East in the SECCG.  Just know that when next years disappointments hit you and your kind are what is wrong at Georgia and so long as you are alive nothing will ever change.....thanks a ton douche bags!


  1. Rhicht-o-philes assemble... cause we run this town. All red and black baby. Ima xplain later. Get to steppin son!!


    1. All red and black, all Richt, all losers!

  2. http://giphy.com/gifs/Zdd46jrxo0L6M?utm_source=iframe&utm_medium=embed&utm_campaign=tag_click

  3. It's evident that y'all run this town...it has been for years. Y'all run special teams. Y'all run strength and conditioning, Hanz and Franz style. They're here to "PUMP YOU UP!" Forget science or progressive skills.
    Y'all run the team that undersigns:
    Y'all run special teams that have no idea at all. Y'all run the team that has no idea where to stand when the play is run after 12 games. Y'all run the team that coaches kids so well that they still let balls bounce off their chest pads. Y'all run the team that has the nicest, Christian HC in college football, a man that I respect and love as a Christian brother. Y'all run the team that also desperately needs a head FOOTBALL coach like Erk or Bear, but is too comfortable with status quo mediocrity.
    I love the Dawgs, love the kids, love the campus and the philosophy. I just wish that I could love the win, the BIG WIN.
    It's too bad that we have settled so long and so far down that we either don't care anymore, or just simply are afraid to clean house and let the chips fall. Are we so afraid of change and rebuilding that we sit scared in the corner and hope for a different outcome every year, and none ever comes.
    Go ahead and recite the stats and wins v. losses, I already know. The only stats that I'm interested in are how many National Championships we have won under the "leadership" of CMR.
    I shouldn't have to look that one up for you, since y'all run this and all.

    Yeah...y'all sure do run that.

    Go Dawgs!