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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saban Hires Lane Kiffen for OC? - Mind Blown - but, but....

The reason I talk about Alabama and Nick Saban so frequently, even though I can't much stand their overbearing, backwoods, no life, pompous idiot fan base, is because, like it or not, Bama and Saban have had amazing success, and they have learned to push (as they always have) every angle possible to achieve the goal they consider most important - a National Championship.  It is simply foolish not to study Bama and their ways and compare and contrast to what Georgia does doesn't do so we could have success.  Learning from others is a long standing way of improving, and sometimes a quicker method.   We talk about S&C here at Sports and Grits often because Bama has a S&C program leaps and bounds beyond ours, and they have rings, and you can't discount that connection as just one example.

So, the Sabanator has now hired the unmighty Lane Kiffen to be his Offensive Coordinator.   This is a shock to, well, everyone.  Even Bama fans are making shoulder shrugs when asked about it.   So, let's dig a little.   Why do schools keep giving Kiffen a shot, particularly at two prior Head Coach jobs?  Well, remember Pete Carroll and the USC Trojans that were winning rings?   Their OC - Lane Kiffen.  Apparently what has been lost in translation is Lane Kiffen is a fantastic guy to sit in Mom's living room recruiting, and is a pretty darn good play caller.    And guess what?  That's all that Darth Saban needs.   This formula would not work most anywhere else as Kiffen is too prone to think himself better than he is, which is why he fails at HC, but here, Kiffen has something he hasn't had as of late, a boss that will pimp slap him at every opportunity to show him who's Daddy.  A Kiffen in check can be a focused, hard working machine, and that will be the standard and expectation from Saban.   There will be the one time Kiffen can't help himself and tells Saban what to do, and then this will happen:

At that point, the Kiffen will be in the fear, and will do what he does best, convince parents if you don't go to Bama, you will stink at life, and then call the best X and O's of his life. Because Kiffen may fail at running his own ship, but the Saban won't let him fail at steering his.   This could be a disaster at most places, but at Bama, it's more recruits Georgia will whiff on and another basic offensive system based on player ability that will be very well executed.  And no one else could pull it off with this ensemble of coaches and staff.


  1. I haven't watched enough Kiffin to say he's an Xs and Os expert, so I'll take your word on that (and Saban's, since he's not going this route unless he likes Kiffin's ability to game plan and do the job). But I'm with you on the recruiting and Saban being over him as a big positive.

  2. I don't think he's a super genius, but he should be good enough focused. And saban wasnt looking for someone to overall things or challenge him.