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Monday, January 6, 2014

SEC 7-2 in bowls this season....so Bob Stoops declares the conference dead

There are three great Poxes that are upon the world of college football:

1. The targeting rule,
2. Conference realignment that leads to yankee teams in the SEC, and
3. Everyone with the surname Stoops.

Every year one or two SEC schools lose a bowl game.  This is either because:

a) They play a Big Ten team with an NFL O-line and half of the SEC defense is already declared for the draft so they play at half speed,
b) It is one of the elite SEC schools who lost a close game that kept them from the National Title game and their hearts are simply not in the bowl that they fell into, or
c) They are Georgia and losing to lesser conferences is what we like to call Richt-ball.

So this year the bowl marks look a little like this:

SEC 7-2
Wins Over: ACC (2), Big 10 (2), Big 12 (1), American (1), Conf-USA (1)
Loses To: Big 12 (1), Big 10 (1)

So with the disappointment of not playing for the National Title due to a brief mental lapse....and with a lot of help from the Zebras.....Bama lost to Oklahomo.  So naturally Ol' Boob Pooper Stooper has to roll out with this comment.  Yeah Bob.....the SEC is beatable.....Georgia proves that two or three times a year.  How about this Bob......how about you win a game with some hardware on the line and then you go and pop off at the mouth.


  1. Maybe Bob should learn how to defend the Statue of Liberty play before mouthing off.

  2. Richt's bowl record is 8-4 - but when you consider that it's 1-3 for the last 4, it's a matter for concern.

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