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Friday, January 3, 2014

Sugar Bowl Recap


This is the second before Oklahomo's first INT.  This is what is known as Defensive Holding and it is an automatic first down.  The reason you can't do this is because by holding the jersey you slow the receiver down and he cannot run to his target....also your fellow defender can run in and intercept the ball.

Here it is again with circles and arrows in case you are stupid. 

The SEC was rolling through the bowl season coming into last night.  The only conference loss was by Georgia but that does not really count because Georgia under Mark Richt is the official "Give other Conferences Hope" team in the SEC.....pause for a commercial time out:

"Are you in a bowl and don't deserve to be there?  Are you an upstart team from Middle of Nowhere Idaho, Wyoming or one of the Dakotas?  Want to get street cred without risking the messy prison house anal raping of facing an elite SEC team?  Then just play Georgia!  The University of Georgia.....Keeping white people who don't live in the South interested in college football since 2001."

So with the fact that the SEC has won 7 consecutive National Titles, has a team in the NT game again this year, has dominated the NFL draft since 2000 (really longer than that lets be honest), and is understood to rule the football world--ESPN and the NCAA have a tricky dilemma on their hands.  The SEC is just better but there are a lot of white people with a lot of disposable income that don't live in the South and at this rate they are just going to stop watching college football all together.

So what is the NCAA to do?  Well they just kept their hands off at the beginning of the bowl season....both Mississippi Schools got wins, then TXAM in exciting fashion, then Carolina and LSU took care of business while Georgia pooed the bed as expected.  With Vandy a favorite and Missouri a push against OK ST in the Cotton....Oh, and that pending NT game...the rest of the country needed a bone thrown their way.  So who does the NCAA call on when they need to give non-Southern Honkies peace of mind?  OKLAHOMO!

1st quarter, 1st possession: Bama crams it right down Oklahomo's throat for a TD
Oklahomo stuffed by Bama's Defense then in the middle of another Bama drive that would have put them up 14 to nothing the above egregious penalty is not called.  Oklahomo intercepts the ball and scores a TD.  What would have been a 14-0 game (that would have lead to a blow out) is suddenly tied and Oklahomo is given hope.

Remainder of the 1st quarter and part of the second quarter the officials simply refuse to call holding on either teams O-line despite the fact that almost every O-lineman on each side held (and I mean stretch the seams in the jersey held on almost every play).  Mid way through the 2nd quarter Bama shakes off the poor officiating and takes the momentum.  Oklahomo's QB is flushed out of the pocket on 2nd down, scrambles, and throws the ball where there is no receiver and the ball does not pass the line of scrimmage but no flag for intentional grounding.  Oklahomo gets a short pass on 3rd down and kicks a FG to stem Bama's momentum.  Had the intentional grounding been called and the short gain made on 3rd down Oklahomo would not have been in FG range and would have punted. 

4th quarter:  McCarron is under pressure and throws the ball 25 yards down field to a receiver but way over his head.......refs call intentional grounding.....inexplicably they call it and kill Bama's momentum as they are coming back and on the verge of scoring. 

Under 2 minutes in the 4th:  3rd down, Bama out of time outs, incomplete pass.  Bama had just scored then held them to a 3 and out but wait......10 seconds after the play is over the official 85 yards away in the other endzone throws a flag for pass interference and gives Oklahomo the game.  Had the Stoopers punted from that point Bama would have had excellent field position and would have scored since they magically pulled John Henry out of story book legend and put him pads.  Instead a deep punt after working valuable time off of the clock forced Bama to throw.  McCarron is stripped and Oklahomo scores on the fumble.

So in what was the worst officiated game of the traditionally horrendous bowl game officiating season the refs did their job.   Two well timed penalties against Bama and two egregious no calls (oddly enough for the two exact same things that Bama was flagged for despite not doing) gave the game to the biggest faggot in all of college athletics Bob Stoopers.  The penalties gave Oklahomo 17 points and potentially took 21 away from Bama.  So a 45-31 Oklahomo win would have been a 52-28 Bama win.  This is how the NCAA does it.....either three horrible penalties at key moments or two horrible penalties and 2 horrible no calls at key moments.  That is how you use officials to control the outcome of a game.


  1. Let me 'splain something to you . THOSE with the gold make the rules..
    we cool?

    A University of Central Florida study of 2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament teams indicated that only 59 percent of black players graduated, a stark contrast to the 91 percent of white players who completed their undergraduate studies.