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Thursday, January 9, 2014

UGA Is A Failure At Football And Will Be For A Long Long Time!

I don't know if any program faces the challenges that Georgia faces.

1) The powers that be at UGA view the football program as their own personal ATM but not an ATM linked to an account that they put their own money into....no more like a welfare ATM where they take the money of the fan base,
2) While in a talent rich state it is a state with a highly transient population that may or may not have any devotion to the flagship school of the state,
3) No school in the country has as many teams that view them as a rival as UGA.

Honestly,  we have an in-state rival from another major conference.  Our neighbor to the South made beating us the focal point of revitalizing their program 24 years ago.  The lesser of our two neighbors to the West view a portion of the western part of our state as their personal recruiting ground,  the greater of the rivals to the West is easily the most dominant program in the history of college football. Our in conference neighbors to the North and East also view us as a rival, and our non-conference rival to the East views us as a rival who they play two times every five or so years.   Add to that another traditional power from another Conference also to our South and also who views the Southern portion of our State as their's in terms of recruiting and it's a wonder anyone wants the pressure of the UGA job.

That said no UGA coach has had opportunity placed on a silver platter quite like Mark Richt.  Consider this- either during or just prior to Richt's tenure Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Florida, Florida State, Clemson and South Carolina have all been at their absolute lowest points ever.

Alabama had just fired the atrocious and scandal clad Mike Dubose, replaced him with Dennis Franchione who bolted after two lack luster seasons, hired and fired Mike Price in a two week time span, and then made the horrible hire of Mike Shula and kept him for 4 seasons.  It took Saban one season to fix the mess.  However, in the first seven years of Richt's tenure Alabama was a black hole of failure.  Bama has had 4 coaches and won three National Titles while Richt has been at Georgia.

Auburn was still recovering from the mess that was Terry Bowden with Tommy Tuberville at the helm.  Tubs was in his third season at the Barn when Richt took over and was still 4 years from from righting the ship but was three seasons away from Jetgate which most likely delayed rebuilding Auburn.  In the 9th season of the Richt-era Auburn appeared to go full retard and hired Gene Chizik who had a whopping 7-17 record at Iowa State.  Chizik would be fired after four years.

From year one through year nine of the Richt era FSU steadily declined from National Title contender to middle of the pack in the worst conference in the country.

The official UGA boogeyman, Steve Spurrier, went to the NFL after Richt's first season.  Florida hired the eternal football joke punch line, Ron Zook, and kept him for three seasons.  Yet Richt gained no ground on Florida and Zook's replacement would win 2 National Titles.  Urban would depart in 2010 and be replaced by the biggest disappointment since Geraldo opened up Al Capone's vault.  What will happen with Captain Sweaty Pants and Jort Nation is yet to be seen.  Florida has had 4 coaches and won 2 National Titles in Richt's time at Georgia.

The high water point of South Carolina being especially South Carolinaie came in 1998 when Hot Dog eating world champ Brad Scott went 1-10, was replaced by Lou Holtz, and went 0-11.  2000 and 2001 became (at that time) the golden era of Gamecock Football with an 8-4 and 9-3 seasons and Outback Bowl victories (*Note 8-4 and 9-3 should and is considered a failure of a year at Georgia).  Richt was hired in the last year of Holtz's magical two year run of relevancy.  In Richt's 2nd and 3rd season Carolina was back to losing records and Holtz retired after going 6-5 in 2004.  Darth Visor returned to the SEC scene but took over a Port-O-Potty full of failure that was the USCe program at that time. 

In the history of time no program has valued themselves as highly while the rest of the world viewed them as irrelevant as the University of Clemson.  When Richt arrived in Athens Clampersun was in year three of their very own version of Mark Richt, Ol' Tommy Bowden.   Clemson was a cesspool of failure, incompetence and mishandling of talent.  Yet inexplicably Clampersun just kept on giving Tummy extension after extension.  When they finally had to fire Ol' Tummy they were in such a financial bind that they had to hire an assistant WRs coach who may or may not have a touch of retarded but who gives the slack jawed fans of the South Carolina Upstate exactly what they want because he is exactly what they are- delusional, 14 year olds trapped in adult bodies and obsessed with Rasslin'. 

 To Recap

1) Bama has a decade of failure.  Richt is there for seven of those ten years and yet gained no ground.  Bama has three national titles in years 8-12 of the Richt regime.  Bama has had 4 coaches and 3 National Titles during the Richt era.

2) Auburn has been an unstable roller coaster ride during all 13 of Richt's seasons.  The Barn has had three coaches, one undefeated season, one National Title game loss, and one National Title.

3) Florida State steadily declined for the first nine years of the Richt era, were average in years 10-12 of the Richt era and won a National Title in year 13.  FSU has had two coaches in the Richt-era.

4) South Carolina was the whipping boy of the SEC when Richt arrived in town.  Even in the midst of the greatest run in school history they were still only mediocre at best.  After three years of Holtz running them in the ground and five years of Spurrier trying to build something the Shamecocks have closed the talent gap of Georgia and may have even surpassed us.  South Carolina ended this season with their highest ranking ever #4.  South Carolina has had two coaches in the Richt run.

5) Clemson was stuck in the same rut that were in for the majority of the Richtian reign in Athens.  They broke free and even hired a goober that everyone laughed at.  Yet the imitation Auburn just won the Orange Bowl in impressive fashion.  Clemson has had two coaches in the Richt tenure.

I say all of that to say this......look at that map......I wonder how many recruiting battles we will win in our own State?  Good thing we have that all important "stability".  Bama, Auburn, Florida and Florida State  have a combined 13 coaches and 7 National Titles while our claim to fame is falling five yards short of even getting to play for a NT.  Quick...name our four biggest rivals on the recruiting trail.....you got it!


  1. I think you would have a very valid point if UGA's coaching staff had the same resources and tools available to them as their competitors. From strength and conditioning to other non coaching staff personnel our coaching staff is at a disadvantage. I have no loyalty to any person but, I also like to compare Apples to Apples. In what is probably the most competitive area recruiting wise in the most competitive conference our coaching staff has fewer tools to work with than any of the schools that have performed better over that time. Those tools make, if only the slightest difference, a big difference when games often swing on one play. Whether it is the Athletic director or further up the administrative ladder I don't know. But its very difficult to fairly evaluate on the field coach's when they are sent to a gun fight with a knife.