Da' Dream Makin' Cold Blooded Sausage


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

You're welcome, again Dawgnation...


The absolute best case scenario of a hire for Georgia's DC right there.  Kirby wouldn't even be close, despite the idiots in the fan base screaming for Smart.

See what happens when we get things rolling over here, demanding heads and things be done right in Athens?  Magically, it gets done.  Don't ask us how we make the sausage, just sit back and shovel this deliciousness in your fat mouths.  You're welcome, again Dawg Nation.  Next time try showing a little more gratitude or we just might not bail you out a third time.


  1. In three years when Pruitt moves on to HC somewhere, we get to go through the "Kirby Smart" crap again. I have no idea where all the love comes from. I went to UGA, no one gives a crap. Oh, played football at UGA and never did anything else for UGA? COME HOME TO MAMA! dios mio.

    1. If Kirby isn't a head coach somewhere by then, it's a red flag. Of course, a red flag our idiot fans won't see, but a definite, massive red flag.

  2. I'm thinking that he is the HC at UGA in 3 years.

    How bout ya' boys shaming the program into making a real hire?