Da' Dream Makin' Cold Blooded Sausage


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A gift basket would be nice

So, Georgia has another class in the books, and it's a good one.  Highly rated, all that fun stuff.  But thanks to your local sausage makers, we quit fiddle-farting around and closed strong for once.  The class is probably a good B+, with lots of good stuff but not enough beef to warrant an A.

You can check out individual profiles with videos of each signee on Dawgsports.  As for the class as a whole, it just lacks meat.  Lots of sizzle but not a lot of steak.

RB is as good as it gets with Chubb and Michel joining the crew.  And I was falling in love with the variety of WR before little return man McKenzie came on board, giving us two burners that can be big time special teams guys, and two bigger bodies that can fly too.  Thankfully we added a much needed 2nd TE for depth, and I'm absolutely in love with the potential of the big bodied athlete that is Hunter Atkinson.  That and the potential for more 2 TE sets, which would truly be "pro-style" if that's what we're gonna claim.  If you hadn't noticed, like Bobo, the pros use a 2nd TE now and not a FB.  And the OL class, which needed a stud JUCO LT to step in this spring and win the job, whiffed there but otherwise did well with Baker and Sims as top OT prospects, as well as Wynn and Edwards inside.  4 OL per class, yep, just right.

Defensively, we loaded on DBs after a couple misses in last year's loaded DBs.  We got a good LB in Dukes after reloading last year there too.  And the DL, while flashy, lacks interior power.  Next year is supposed to be a big year in state for big DL, so it may well be part of the plan, but getting just a suspect shaped Gaillard means the staff can't miss on landing multiple contributors at DT next year and the year after.  But we landed Lorenzo Carter, who was the one big name out there, and Keyon Brown as another DE for Pruitt's 4-3 looks.

Good play makers, filling need spots at return man and TE while keeping the cupboard full on talent at DB, WR, and RB.  Good class, not great.  We gotta do better next year boy's, but it's certainly not the slackers we've been landed the last several years.  And you're welcome Dawg fans for finally demanding more out of the staff that you've been far too chicken shit to do yourselves. 


  1. Once again Disney Dawgs have banded together against the usurpers to maintain some dignity and status quo in the Dawg Nation. There will be no repeat of the uT missteps that ultimately placed a once proud and storied SEC powerhouse in the very bottom of the SEC. Hiring a HS band member to lead their parade brick by brick is not to be the fate of the Dawg Nation.. oh NO! We are not those kind of men. Who knows? Maybe there are HS band members here... who write this very blog. Those that never girdled their loins and entered the arena to compete but instead heralded those that did. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
    To those that are here to acknowledge their short comings. We salute you.For those who lack the vision and maturity to grasp the power of the Disney Dawg.... we pity you and yet we wish you well.

    1. There's nothing wrong with a HS band, but not a one of us were in one. Try again Steve.

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