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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mama always told me bad things happen in threes, and now I'm scared.

We lost another DGD recently.  CC and I have always made the lion's share of postings around here, and chuck was a welcome addition in the last several months to add another perspective to our views.  But you may notice "samdizl" on the left as one of the site contributors.  He didn't write much, but he was a primary part of this site's heart and soul.

I say "was" because sadly the Columbia County, Georgia teacher and coach is no longer with us as he passed away this morning far too young.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones as they deal with their grief in a very difficult time.  

Thanks for the memories big man.


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    1. Thanks EC. Like with Thomas Hinson, both men were around mine and CC's age (mid 30s) and heart issues that took them far too soon. DGDs are an endangered species right now it seems. I was in shock when CC called me this morning, and still have a hard time wrapping my head around it. I can't imagine how it is for CC and others who were closer to him than me.

      Don't take days for granted ladies and gentlemen, none of us know how many we have left.

    2. Sorry for your (and our) loss gentlemen. I will lift all of his family and friends in thoughts of comfort and prayers of peace.

      RIP to a DGD.

  2. I want to thank Mr. Sanchez for posting this as I have been far too heart broken to write anything. He was my very best friend. I loved him more than any brother. He was literally larger than life. When my son was five he asked "Is Uncle Dennis a giant?" I said "He sure looks like one." My son said "I'm sure glad he loves us!"
    He was the biggest, strongest and most indestructible person I have ever known. In a split second the biggest part of that giant, his heart, gave out.
    He loved his friends, his students, his players, his beautiful wife, the Atlanta Braves, good food, laughing and his beloved Georgia Bulldogs! He was only 31 years old. The good Lord must looked down and thought "A heart that generous and loving belongs here with me in heaven."
    When I got home las night my son who is now 8 came up to me and said "Daddy is my Dennis in heaven?" I said "Yes baby he's gone to see Jesus"...and I broke down and cried like a baby.

    I love you Dennis! Things may not be very exciting on here this year because I will do or say nothing negative. I will only pull for our Dawgs for Dennis' sake.